Just a Quick Reminder…(UPDATED WITH THE WINNER!)

…about the upcoming drawing. I neglected to set a specific deadline for entries into last Friday’s Giveaway, so let me remedy that right now. The deadline will be 5 PM EST. I think I’ve gotten one additional entry in the last past 12 hours, so I don’t think that should cause too much heartburn.

Thanks to all who have entered so far, and good luck!



Drumroll, please…Ahem. And the winner is:

Commenter Number 6! Or as I like to call her, Jessica. Congratulations, Jessica! We’ll have to get together one night so you can take possession of your brand new spoon.

And in the interest of transparency, below are the actual results from the drawing. If Jessica gets hit by a bus or otherwise meets her untimely demise on the way to claim her spoon, then Commenter Number 18, you’re up! (Of course we all wish Jessica the best of luck)

The Winner

Thanks everyone for joining in! This was a lot of fun, check back occasionally because we’ll probably do it again some time.


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